The Right Place

“With every opportunity to touch a life, make it count.”

The history of Lindsay Pimentel Hand to Shoulder Rehab is a story rich in miracles. Established in 1998, this family-owned practice embarked upon a journey to bring high-quality hand therapy to the Central Valley. Lindsay and her husband Jorge, who transplanted from South Africa in 1994, are committed to creating a warm and personable atmosphere for the patients.

The staff is an extension of Lindsay’s heart. Each team member brings a level of expertise to the clinic’s wide range of specialties, including full Upper Extremity, Cervical Spine and Facial Therapy, Massage Therapy, Work Hardening and Functional/Work Capacity Evaluations. She has added services to focus on Injury Prevention, such as Ergonomic Analysis and Education for employers and employees, as well as Post Offer (Physical Capacity) Employment Testing.

The clinic’s mission statement showcases its central purpose:

We, at Hand to Shoulder Rehab have been commissioned to impact the community in a positive way and share the gifts each one of us has been given. We are committed to keeping our patients and referral sources loyal and to provide a cost effective service with a heart of generosity and excellence.

The Right Heart

Despite her ambitions as a business owner, it is Lindsay’s heart that drives her success. The care and recovery of hurting people is her first calling. Because it is more than a business, the Pimentel family chooses only the very best staff to work alongside them in their mission. They have a skilled team of Certified Hand Therapists, Occupational and Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Ergonomists and Support staff. Together, this family-owned practice is able to effectively serve its clients; to love their patients, see them recover, and to restore them with a sense of hope and well being.

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"I have had some concerns that I'd be able to craft Aviaries again and with the love and quality God has blessed me with in the past. Well it's back. You have all been so patient and whether I'm the first or last person you see, your attention and attitude has been terrific. Thanks for allowing God to use your gifts to restore my left hand. He and you aren't finished yet, but it is a healing in progress. It's wonderful to watch."
- Tom

Healing Hands, Elbows, Shoulders & the Cervical Spine

7005 N. Maple Ave. #104 • Fresno, CA 93720 • (559) 325-3503