Hand & Elbows Therapy and Orthotic/Splint Fabrication


Our treatment of the hands, wrists, and elbows helps restore tissue healing, range of motion and strength that inhibit your function when dealing with injuries such as repetitive strains, nerve impingements, arthritic conditions, deformities, and fractures. We also specialize in more complex hand and wrist injuries such a wrist/carpal instability, tendon/ligament/nerve repairs, crush injuries, joint replacements, amputations, limb replantation and pain conditions such as complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

Custom Orthotics, Casting and Digit Widget Care

We custom fabricate orthoses for your specific needs. These assist with post operative protection, fracture stabilization or regaining range of motion and functional return of the hand, wrist and elbow.

Bracing, Splinting, Silver Rings fittings

We are experts when it comes to your supportive needs for pain, symptoms and deformity reduction. By supplying you with optimal sizing, fit and the support you really need, we can mitigate lengthy recoveries.

Prosthetic Training

It takes time to adjust to a life changing event like an amputation and a prosthetic. We provide limb desensitization, preparation and muscle strengthening as well as functional and meaningful use of your upper extremity prosthesis.

Wound Care and Scar Management

Scar management is a key component in regaining range of motion and functional use of the arm. It is our focus to ensure that wounds heal, scarring and adhesions become pliable and mobile, and sensitive scars tissue resolves.

Sensory/motor Reeducation

o Hypersensitivity, pain, or the inability to feel light touch, temperature or objects, makes the hand vulnerable. Sensory reeducation is used to help normalize sensory pathways and restore this important part of your everyday life. Likewise, when motor nerves are injured, a sensorimotor program optimizes your upper extremity function.

Lymph Edema Control

Our team is trained to address lymphedema and swelling in the arm. We teach you how to manage this independently and, provide sizing and fitting for gloves, sleeves and other garments helpful in managing your needs.


Our comprehensive care of the shoulders, scapulae, ribs, and cervical spine addresses impingements, tendonitis, rotator cuff and labrum injuries, fractures, rib dysfunctions, thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS), migraine conditions, C-spine strain and radiculopathy. We also address facial nerve neuralgia and weakness.

Conservative management

Conservative treatment of the shoulders, ribs, scapulae and neck are key to getting an early start to your recovery and can help prevent the need for surgery. Out team provides one-on-one treatments that are right for you.

Post-Operative Care

An evidence-based treatment plan is designed to move you through the recovery period of post operative treatment and assist you in returning to what you do best.

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

This challenging condition that compresses nerves and blood flow, affects arm function. We can help.

Radicular/Peripheral Nerve Involvement

Radicular nerve symptoms that begin in the neck and travels to the fingers, can dramatically affect your hand function. We treat the whole nerve pathway including posture and ergonomics to facilitate an optimal recovery.


We want our patients to have optimum skill, function, and endurance necessary for their job requirements. We help businesses and their employees get back to work and our team is certified to help you.

Work Hardening/Conditioning

Work Hardening is different from traditional therapy. It is a work specific, conditioning program for the injured worker that builds their strength and endurance, helping them integrate back into the work force.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

This 6-hour evaluation consists of a set of tests that are designed to determine a person’s physical abilities, skills, endurance and work tolerances, after injury. These tests help to determine the person’s ability to return to work, their possible restrictions or accommodations needed.

Post Offer Employment Tests

These tests are often required by a prospective employer to determine if the employee can perform the job demands of the work, in a safe manner.

Ergonomic Workstation Consultation

Our trained Certified Ergonomic Specialists (CEAS) can consult in treatment or on the job and provide helpful recommendations to both the employer and employee for injury prevention.


Our therapeutic massage specialists can customize a treatment that reduces muscle tension and pain, improves range of motion, blood circulation and function, overall reducing stress and tension.


With every opportunity to touch a life, we make it count.